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About Us

Like Minded Bitches Drinking Wine (LMBDW) is an online networking group that was founded in 2015 by Jane Lu and Gen George. The group consists of more than 170,000 members who are passionate about growing their businesses and discussing their entrepreneurial endeavours over a glass of wine.

Why You Should Join Us

As a member of LMBDW, you will have the opportunity to connect and network with fellow like-minded entrepreneurs who are also focused on growing their business empires. The group provides exclusive access to various resources and tools to help you achieve your goals, including templates, experts, media and journalist contact lists, retail distribution contact lists, and more.

Some of the resources available through LMBDW include:

  • PR and marketing tools, such as a press list, brand deck, marketing plan and reporting templates, and influencer management templates.
  • Finance, raising capital, and grant tools, including financial models, R&D grant templates and grant lists, investor decks for raising capital, alternative funding strategies, and setting up Xero for success.
  • HR tools, such as job descriptions, interview questions, ESOP agreements, and finding freelancers.
  • Planning and goal-setting tools, such as the 12-week year and OKR templates.
  • Distribution and going global tools, such as suppliers and distributors lists for going global and sales email templates.
  • Product development tools, including product briefing documents and packaging claims (cosmetic).
  • Shipping and logistics tools, such as national and international shipping courier options.
  • Legal tools, such as terms and conditions and NDA templates.

Additionally, LMBDW provides early access to tickets for both (our normally sold out!) online and physical events, including #BitchCon!

If you're looking to connect with other ambitious entrepreneurs and gain access to a range of valuable resources, LMBDW may be the perfect community for you.

A Big Thanks

To all our amazing members. We love our BIG #BACKABITCHUP Engery and discussing all our growing business empires over many glasses of wine!